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Founder & CEO Ivka Adam has years of e-commerce and Silicon Valley tech experience from eBay, Hulu, and Modnique. She partnered with Andrea Linett, founding Creative Director of Lucky Magazine, and former Creative Director of Michael Kors and eBay Fashion. Together, with their longtime passion for all things glittery, they design and produce the best, most fun, jewelry for your very own collection.


Size Guide


To determine your wrist size, wrap a sewing tape measure around the part of your wrist that you plan to wear the cuff. It should fit snug, but not tight. If you don’t have a sewing tape measure, use a piece of string or strip of paper instead, and mark where one end of the string or paper overlaps the other. Then measure that length with a ruler.

The thickness of a cuff can affect the circumference you prefer to wear. Thinner cuffs can be worn ¼” smaller in circumference, as they take up less space on your wrist.

The cuff’s opening should be about 1 inch.


If you have a ring that fits the finger you want sized, match it to one of the circles on this sizing tool to find your U.S. ring size.

You can also wrap a piece of string or strip of paper snugly, though not tightly, at the base of your finger, slightly below the middle knuckle. Mark where the string or paper meets and measure the length with a ruler, in millimeters. Look at the chart under "Inside Circumference" for your U.S. ring size.

Keep in mind: